Travis the TV Bloke - Antenna points in Adelaide
 Getting TV Signal in all rooms of the house is EASY!
Digital TV Antenna splitterAdditional television outlets in any room could assist in solving your viewing problems and can usually be connected to your current TV antenna system. Travis the TV Bloke can install as many additional outlets as you require anywhere in your home even the garage! With todays fantastic technology in amplification and splitters, there is no limit as to the number of points you can have in your home.
Travis the TV Bloke uses quality digital ready RG6 cable which reduces interference and produces fantastic picture quality. It may be as simple as re-running the cable on the old tv outlet that my have had dated or inferior cable.
SMART- TV technology is every where we look today. Why not get a data point installed next to your new antenna point to hardwire the TV to your internet system in your place, keeping WIFI hackers at bay.
Why use a portable antenna with poor reception? In many cases an new antenna point is the cheaper AND  definately a better option!

One call to Travis the TV Bloke will get a Digital Antenna TV oulet Installed and a clearer reception, solving your viewing issues.

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